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Unveil your natural beauty with Cellie’s Curls Hair care and styling essentials

Hair Extentions

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Refined Deep Curl 3A-3B Bundle Wefts


Kinky Coily Pony Tail 4b-4c Drawstring & Wrap


Kinky Coily Clip-In Hair Extensions for 4B-4C Hair

$173.00 $206.00

Yaki Kinky Wrap Straight Ponytail

$182.00 $227.00

Coarse Yaki Straight Tape-In Human Hair Extensions


Corse Kinky Straight Clip Ins


Spiral 'Deep Curly' Bundles Wefts 3B-3C


Kinky Coily Tape In Hair Extensions 4B- 4C


Yaki Kinky Drawstring Straight Ponytail

$136.00 $272.00

Light Yaki Straight Tape-In Human Hair Extensions


Kinky Straight Wefts

$264.00 $317.00

Synethtic "Blow Out" Ponytail Drawstring/ Wrap


Kinky Curly Wefts 3c- 4a


Kinky Coily Wefted Hair 4a-4b


Kinky Curly Pony Tail 3c -4a


Kinky Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions for Natural 3C Hair


Kinky Straight Wig


Kinky Curly Lace Wig